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Brewing Coffee

Coffee is unique among beverages.  From the growth of the cherry to harvest.  Washing, then sorting and the selection process, followed by roasting. Finally we brew.  Nearly a year's time and a multitude of people are involved in making every cup of the beverage that so many enjoy daily.  With that lengthy and meticulous process in mind, it would be unfortunate to not get the best result when it comes to the final stage: Brewing.  Here are a few tips to get the best results from your favorite Coronado Coffee.

*Start with clean purified water.  Low quality or dirty water will negatively impact the flavor of your coffee, even a top quality coffee such as Coronado Coffee.

*Mind your grind.  Too coarse will yield under-extraction and too fine will result in an over extracted coffee.  For drip coffee and pour over, the grind should be between coarse and fine.  We recommend a burr grinder which will allow you to grind your Coronado Coffee with a high degree of specificity.  For full immersion you will want to use a more coarse setting.

*For optimal brewing, weigh your coffee and water.  We recommend a 1:16 ratio of coffee to water for pour over and drip brewing methods, or about 1:15 ratio of coffee to water for full immersion such as French Press.  If you do not have a food scale and are measuring your coffee, then an average 1 tablespoon per 3 - 4 oz. of water is recommended.  Adjust slightly to taste.

*Finally, keep your coffee beans stored in a cool dry place, not in a freezer.  We recommend whole bean coffee and intentionally use resealable bags with a one way valve to keep your coffee fresh.

From our family to yours - We trust you will thoroughly enjoy your Coronado Coffee.

Pour over brewed with delicious Coronado Coffee.

Photo Credit: Joel Nava

Photo Credit: Joel Nava

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