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Light Roast

Notes: Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Candy, Butterscotch

Varietal: Castillo & Colombia

Region: Piendamo

Process: Washed + Anaerobic Fermentation

Elevation: 1930 MASL

Recommended: Pour Over, Auto Drip, Full Immersion

Subscriber Colombia El Paraiso Red Plum | Light Roast

$21.79 Regular Price
$17.43Sale Price
  • For every bag purchased we make a donation to Middle East Ministries.  We donate $1 for every 12 oz bag, $2 for every 2lb bag, and $3 for every 5lb bag.

    To learn more please visit our partners page.

  • This coffee comes from Diego Bermudez, brought to you from his farm, El Paraiso in collaboration with the Santuario Project.  Finca El Paraiso (Paradise) is a farm with an elevation for incredible coffee production in the Peindamo municipality of Cauca, Colombia.  Diego does not leave the production of his top quality coffee to those on his farm, he is directly involved.

    This lot is made up of Castillo and Colombia varieties which is unique for such a high scoring coffee.  These disease resistent coffees have been grown by Diego to produce a shockingly amazing cup.  This is largely assisted by the Santuario Project, who team with farmers to develop uniquely tailored processing methods for top quality yields.

    They brought this lot through two fermentation processes, both of which were anaerobic.  The first fermentation was 48 hours in cherry at a regulated temperature of 18 degrees C.  The coffee was then depulped, and fermented again for another 48 hours in its mucilage.  Once the coffee reached the desired PH levels the fermentation was stopped with a "thermal shock" using cold water to stop fermentation exactly where desired.

    The result is Red Plum, a coffee that is balanced for all coffee drinkers, and yet will surprise the most experienced coffee tasters.  This coffee delivers fruity notes, such a strawberry candy, and the sweetness of butterschotch, all with a delightful body and pleasant mouth feel.


    This is one of the best coffees we have had the opportunity to work with in a long time.  We expect that you will enjoy it as much as we do if not more.

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