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Light/Medium Roast

Notes: Black Cherry, Citrus, Caramel

Varietal: Caturra & Catuai

Region: Urena Family

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1,500 - 1,600 MASL

Recommended: Pour Over, Auto Drip, Full Immersion

Subscriber Costa Rica Palmichal | Light/Medium

$16.49 Regular Price
$13.19Sale Price
  • For every bag purchased we make a donation to Next Step New Mexico.  We donate $1 for every 12 oz bag, $2 for every 2lb bag, and $3 for every 5lb bag.

    To learn more please visit our partners page.

  • Palmichal is a micromill that was first built in 2015, but has since then constantly undergone improvements to work toward the goal of enhancing the already hight quality product of the farms they work with.  Palmichal utilizes alternative processing methods as a means of achieving this goal, methods such as honey process, natural, and even various anaerobic fermentation types.

    At the age of 32, Paul Cascante Ureña is currently the manager of his family farms located near Palmichal, farms which total about 14 hectares.  He has a degree in agronomy, and is currently planting different varietals that will give him better yeilds and cup qualities.

    Paul ensures that after hand picked harvest, the cherries are floated to remove any low density cherries, so that only appropriate high quality cherries are selected for processing.  Once selected, they are fermented for 30 hours in a hopper, and the coffee is then dried for 18 days on a patio, which is covered at night.  Once the coffee reaches a humidity of 10.5% it rests for 2 months before being hulled from the dry husk, at which point it then goes through weight, screen, density, and color sorting.  All of this is the process Paul use to enusre the coffee he has supplied to you, through Coronado Coffee, is of the highest quality.

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