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Medium Roast

Notes: Fig, Nougat, Brown Sugar

Varietal: JARC 74158

Region: Mirado, Sidama

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1,800 - 2,100 MASL

Recommended: Pour Over, Auto Drip, Full Immersion, Espresso

Wholesale Ethiopia Mirado | Medium Roast

  • For every bag purchased we make a donation to Next Step New Mexico.  We donate $1 for every 12 oz bag, $2 for every 2lb bag, and $3 for every 5lb bag.

    To learn more please visit our partners page.

  • Daye Bensa runs the Mirado Station which is found in the highlands of the Bensa District of Ethiopia.  Mirado Station is an admirable operation mostly due to the unmatched quality of their coffee.

    Daye Bensa consistently performs incredibly well at the Cup of Excellence in Ethiopia and this year placed 2nd.  The natural processed coffees of Mirado are dried on raised beds, and shaded from direct sunlight to encourage consistently even drying, which takes about 20 days, depending on the weather conditions.

    Although this Ethiopian coffee is a Grade 4, it cups delightfully well on it's own and has some distinctive notes that balance well in the cup.  With a touch of fruity sweetness, this Ethipian coffee is pleasant for any occasion.

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